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Beijing’s Second Airport: On Ice…

Somehow it didn’t make sense to add the world’s largest airport in the plans to a city which already has one of the world’s largest air terminals. Either that, or… in any case, plans for Beijing’s second airport in Daxing … Continue reading

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Sheng Guangzu’s Plans for Chinese Railways: Some Improvements Planned

We were thinking of hanging up on our present-day makeshift “rail dude”, Sheng Guangzu. I mean, this guy crashed two trains in Wenzhou, and made the cops sniff where you went on the HSR with the “real ID” requirement. And … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Two Killed, Two Injured by CRH Train in Shenzhen

Coming out from Sina Weibo: This just in — four unauthorized pedestrians who made their way onto a railway bridge suffered a collision with a CRH train on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway. The exact location is around the Pinghu stretch in … Continue reading

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Beijing: Xizhimen’s New Interchange Passageway Now Reality

In brief: The new interchange passageway complex at the Beijing Subway’s Xizhimen interchange has entered service. The new interchange complex just opened, bringing ultimate relief to commuters. You’ve just shaved up to five minutes off your interchange marathon. (How cool … Continue reading

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Dear Passengers: We’re Back!

The timing might have made some wonder if this blog was a mere self-praising propaganda schtick done under the auspices of the former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, since posts on this blog basically stopped at around the time when … Continue reading

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What To Expect From China Railways in 2011

You may have blinked: in early January 2011 the Chinese Nationwide Railway Conference was held where the railway boss, Liu Zhijun, mixed both the interesting (what’s to be expected this year for China’s railway system) with the boring (all that … Continue reading

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